How to edit or create pages on the wiki

In this page there are descriptions of how categories and pages are set for each different Core. You will also find general tips on wiki layout.

Usually it is also very practical to copy and paste an existing page when you are creating a new one. Then you just need to edit the contents accordingly.

Alignment and general layoutBearbeiten

Links to main pages:

Every newly created page related to a DB table must have the following layout at the top:

{| align="right"
| __TOC__
[[Category: TrinityCore2 World database tables]]
Back to [[trinitydb_struct|world database]] list of tables.

Obviously the text and links must be edited accordingly.

As a general rule, it is always best to put a link to the previous main page at the top of the page you are creating. It is useful to have a "go to previous page" link.

How to create a table and its structure

<big>'''The `creature_involvedrelation` table'''</big>

Holds NPC quest ender relations on which NPCs finishes which quests.

{| border="1"
|Quest Identifier

<big>'''Description of the fields'''</big>
The ID of the creature. See [[creature_template_tc2#entry|creature_template.entry]]
The quest ID that the creature finishes. See [[quest_template_tc2#entry|quest_template.entry]]

This is the Trinity wiki standard to create a table to explain SQL field details. The final field must end with a |} instead of a |- like the fields in between.

DO NOT use a different way to describe SQL details of the table's fields. If you believe there is a better way, discuss it with TDB Devs first.

How to create links or change format:

A link is always included in square brackets:

[[dbc_files_tc2]] -- In this case you will have the word "dbc_files" which will be clickable and direct to the TrinityCore2 DBC page.
[[dbc_files_tc2|Description of TrinityCore2 DBC files contents]] -- In this case you will have the words "Description of TrinityCore2 DBC files contents"
                                                                    which will be clickable and direct to the TrinityCore2 DBC page.

A field is always preceded by a #:

[[creature_tc2#guid]] -- if the field is in a different table than current (in this case in creature table).
[[#guid]] -- if the field is in the current table. There is no need to repeat the table's link if it is an internal link.
[[creature_tc2#guid|guid]] -- As in the previous example, in this case you will have the word "guid" which will be clickable and direct you to
                              TrinityCore2 creature.guid field.

A sub-page title which can become linkable is preceeded and followed by === (this will also create the dedicated edit button on the right of the page):



The following details are useful to know what to link at the top of newly created pages (first paragraph of this HowTo).

As of now there are the following Categories which group pages:

Category: Guides for Trinity

Category: TrinityCore2 World database tables

Category: TrinityCore2 Characters database tables

Category: TrinityCore2 Realm database tables

Category: TrinityCore2 DBC Files.

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